We have started Product Distribution!

Solivare journey of Medical CARE has kicked off in Big way! Check out the range of products we have started with.  contact us for any enquiry or if you would like to join us in the journey.

To those who would like to join our journey of CARE: 

From July 01 2022, on the occasion of national Doctors day, we formally Launch Solivare Pharma Pvt. Ltd. with a range of Prescription and Over The Counter (OTC) products. We are as well opening up to tie-up with various distributors and retailers who share our belief and vision of CARE for the masses across India. Please use our contact form or whatsapp to reach out to us and we will ensure a fast feedback to your enquiries.

We are here to transform the way CARE is provided. Do you think the same? What are you waiting for – we are just a message away.

To the Consumers of our Products: 

Would you like to know more about any product OR you are not sure about its effect? We are just a message away. Whatsapp us or fill contact us form and one of our product experts will reach back to you. By the way, we have some special offers as well for consumers who directly connect with us. Do you like nice surprises? Just message us.

Here we add our QR code as well – just scan it and save to contacts.